One of my favorite iPhone Pictures

1/365, originally uploaded by Big Mike’s Photography.

In response to the camera phone challenge from DPS:


Know Your Rights as a Photographer

Know Your Rights as a Photographer – Great article from the folks at the Digital Picture Zone.  Don’t give up your camera or images before you know your rights.

Retrospective 5 (Pinestone)—Think Tank Photo

This bag is going on my wish list:

Retrospective 5 (Pinestone)—Think Tank Photo.

Check it out!

Black and White or Color?

Color Pike's Peak

Pike's Peeking Through the Clouds


Pike's Peeking Through the Clouds Monochrome

Pike's Peeking Through the Clouds Monochrome

So which one do you like best?  Color or black and white?  Whenever you process an image it might be worth your time to try a monochrome version.  You may be surprised with the results.  If you duplicate the image and don’t like the monochrome version you can always delete it.

Another quick tip:  If you are having trouble visualizing a scene in monochrome, many cameras have a monochrome setting.  Take a sample monochrome shot.  If it looks pretty good, delete it and then take a regular RAW or JPEG shot and convert it to monochrome in post processing.  Never shoot with monochrome in the camera.  You can always convert to monochrome, you can’t convert to color.