Scrimshaw Artist

Scrimshaw Artist

A local scrimshaw artist carefully paints on leather during the 2011 Elk Fest in Estes Park, Colorado. One of many artist that can be seen there each year and one of the main reasons my family goes to Elk Fest each year.


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My daughter just clued me in about the WordPress app for Android. It’s pretty slick.

Elk Fest 2011

Bull Elk Near Estes Park

I shot (with my camera) this big elk during Elk Fest this weekend near Estes Park. The elk are usually in town wondering around hanging out at the golf course or in front yards. This one was spotted close to Rocky Mountain National Park. Most of these bulls pay little attention to people this time of year, but really watch out for competing bulls. This one charged another bull shortly after this picture. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a shot of that due to the limited light and visibility.