Rain, Finally!!


Much needed rain falling in Colorado Springs.

We are finally getting some much needed rain.  No doubt this greatly helps the 1,500 fire fighters who are working on the Waldo Canyon Fire.  The community has been rallying their support for them with signs, banners and even donations.  It’s good to see them get some appreciation. As of today the fire has been 80% contained at 18,247 acres.  The bad news is it cost approximately $8.8 million to fight the fire.  Additionally, the fire has also cost $110 million in lost homes and 2,100 people are still evacuated from their homes.  This has been the worst year on record for wildfire damage in Colorado and the wildfire season may not be over.  Burning bans and are currently in effect in El Paso county due to the record dry and hot weather.  Many recreation ares remain closed or heavily restricted.


Waldo Canyon Fire – Back to Normal?

Things are starting to get back to normal again, for the most part. The fire is at 55% containment and 17,827 acres burned. The total cost of the fire is $11.1 million. 3,000 people are still evacuated from their homes and 346 homes have been completely destroyed in Colorado Springs. Even in Monument, some 13 miles from the fire, there are reminders of the steps taken to “mitigate” the risks to various structures. These trees have been closely protected for years. However, because of the possible risk from the fire, it was decided that they would have to be removed.