Old Number 7

Old Number 7 by Big Mike's Photography
Old Number 7, a photo by Big Mike’s Photography on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I love the texture of this old casting on an old plow rusting away in Northwestern Montana


Fire Works

Fire Works by Big Mike's Photography
Fire Works, a photo by Big Mike’s Photography on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Picture from a small fireworks show in Northwestern Montana this summer.

Big Elk 2012

Big Elk 2012 by Big Mike's Photography
Big Elk 2012, a photo by Big Mike’s Photography on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Spotted this large elk near the west entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park during the 2012 Elk Festival.


Large elk rubbing a tree in Rocky Mountain National Park

Last weekend we spotted this large elk in Rocky Mountain National Park rubbing his antlers on a tree.  We spotted a number of large bulls and cows during our drive through the park after the Elk Festival in Estes Park, CO.

Fall is Rapidly Aproaching!

It has really cooled off here in Colorado in the last couple weeks. Already the trees are starting to change and so has the feel of the morning and evening air. This picture was taken last fall and reminds me that the color changes happen so fast that it’s easy to miss the “golden” opportunities that only come in the fall. Get out and shoot before it’s too late!20120920-122030.jpg

Jake’s Senior Photo


Just finished Jake’s senior photo for his yearbook last night. We decided to go to Fox Run Park, a popular spot for portrait photography because of the variety of backgrounds available. It was a little busy but we managed to get a few choice shots. This one is my new favorite portrait. Hope you like it too.

Rain, Finally!!


Much needed rain falling in Colorado Springs.

We are finally getting some much needed rain.  No doubt this greatly helps the 1,500 fire fighters who are working on the Waldo Canyon Fire.  The community has been rallying their support for them with signs, banners and even donations.  It’s good to see them get some appreciation. As of today the fire has been 80% contained at 18,247 acres.  The bad news is it cost approximately $8.8 million to fight the fire.  Additionally, the fire has also cost $110 million in lost homes and 2,100 people are still evacuated from their homes.  This has been the worst year on record for wildfire damage in Colorado and the wildfire season may not be over.  Burning bans and are currently in effect in El Paso county due to the record dry and hot weather.  Many recreation ares remain closed or heavily restricted.