Waldo Canyon Fire – Back to Normal?

Things are starting to get back to normal again, for the most part. The fire is at 55% containment and 17,827 acres burned. The total cost of the fire is $11.1 million. 3,000 people are still evacuated from their homes and 346 homes have been completely destroyed in Colorado Springs. Even in Monument, some 13 miles from the fire, there are reminders of the steps taken to “mitigate” the risks to various structures. These trees have been closely protected for years. However, because of the possible risk from the fire, it was decided that they would have to be removed.



Severe Winds

Servere Winds

Today we had severe winds of 40-60 miles per hour. It as been super dry here as well causing ripe conditions for dust storms like the one in the picture.

Group Huddle

Group Huddle by Big Mike's Photography
Group Huddle, a photo by Big Mike’s Photography on Flickr.

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When the temperature drops this low (11˚) often cattle will bunch together. This group of Black Angus cattle provided a nice contrast to the snow and frost.

Feb 4 2012 Snow Storm

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Time to dig out of our biggest storm this year. This drift is 4-5 foot tall and about 150 feet long. My snow-blower is gonna get a workout today!

Oldsmobile Starfire

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Oldsmobile Starfire in a junkyard in Colorado Springs. Love the faded paint, rust and chrome in this shot.

Buick Century

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Buick Century logo.

Antique Coin Dispenser

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An antique coin dispenser like the ones used in the old days at the drive in dinners.